Leading Change Book Profiles Tim Cloyd’s Success at Hendrix College

In Leading Change: How Boards and Presidents Build Exceptional Academic Institutions, Hendrix College is one of 18 institutions profiled by author Terrence Mactaggart. Here’s a couple excerpts:

Profiles Hendrix Success with Tim CloydOn September 11, the Hendrix board was interviewing new presidential candidates. It selected J. Timothy Cloyd, then vice president for development and college relations, who held a doctorate in political science and had taught at Vanderbilt University. Since then, the story has been one of a highly engaged board working closely with an entrepreneurial president to meet the demands of the crisis and use it as a springboard to advance Hendrix as a national leader in liberal arts and sciences education.


How the Odyssey program made Hendrix such a success:

What makes a relatively small liberal arts college with high tuition in a non-destination town successful? Part of the answer lies in its two most distinctive academic programs: the sciences and the Odyssey program. Science has been a strong point of the curriculum for many years. More recently, Hendrix established the Odyssey Program to provide an exciting curricular and co-curricular experience. The brainchild of [Tim Cloyd]this program requires all students to engage in experiences that are approved and mentored by the faculty in three of the following six areas: artistic creativity, global awareness, professional leadership development, service to the world, undergraduate research, and special projects. The program defines the Hendrix experience and differentiates the college.

You can read more about the book and buy it here.

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