Leadership Lessons

True leaders – those who have resilience, an adaptive capacity, and who bring positive lasting change into the world by the gift of vision, communication through meaningful narratives, and who bring out the best in others are leaders who have become aware of and accept their own faults, blind spots, and brokenness. They have looked into their own darkness and selfishness. But they have placed their faith and lives in God – a power greater than themselves! They are thereby able to live in humility with kindness, courage, hope, strength, and a mature forgiveness of others. Adversity, failures, and challenges thus are seen by these leaders as opportunities to learn and to add to a positive narrative of never-ending growth, hope, and self-awareness. Acceptance and turning all over to God are key practices of success.

2 thoughts on “Leadership Lessons

  1. Melissa Gordon

    Thanks for this post, Tim. Your leadership musings are grounded in the trenches. I always get something I can use when I check in here. Today it’s an inquiry for myself: Accepting one’s faults, blind spots and brokenness and turning them over to God are keys to successful leadership. I guess that this is something like the sub-foundation and we can only hang around there so long before it’s time to focus on the house that’s waiting to be built. Driving business performance – getting results – takes energy and focus. Surrendering the past to Him who knows our life’s mission better than we do clears the clutter and delivers an open runway.


  2. Yes, but from time to time we must return to shore up the sub-foundation. But you are right once this is a habit then get we can get into action. The cluttered mind is draining. Driving business performance and delivering results requires a self confident courage.


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