A Poem by J. Timothy Cloyd


The sun across the sea did rise

Shearing darkness bit by bit

til’ on the water and in the waves

flickers and stars like the sky’s

Bobbing on the mor’ soaking

Drinking that flicker into the skin

Clammy white flesh til blush, red, red

A fire does burn on the checks in the eyes

Longing then longing for the day to end

And the sun to sink, to fade to die

And the cool breeze of night

Runs through our hair and across our waves

Til deep within to the bone is felt

This chill that was once our longing

Until the cool has lost appeal

And a pinning homage takes hold

Forgetting the sting of rays and the longings of midday

And so and so this circle goes

This longing never to be quenched

It is with us we humans on the beach – in life

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