A New Poem of Hope


On the crest of potential calamity

Ominous flashes of past fallings

Come up clamoring, but facelessly

To recall them saps the light of energy

Steady now steady hold fast

Succumb not to the trembles or the shoves

Refuse surrender, but bear up under the weight

Heartfelt strides forward to the mark

Of light dancing without gravity, above the ground

Flittering freely no strings, no weights

Tis folly, always was, to take such for reality

Or to believe that such was the way of our lives

But to set knee to ground

Chin to chest and to feel the push and the shove

May leave stinging with no balm

But fear not! Alas His hope stays the way – His hope stays the way

One thought on “A New Poem of Hope

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