The Role of Faculty Leadership In Change, Staying True to our Mission, and Creating The Hendrix Odyssey

In this video I discuss “THE WISE ONES.” Senior faculty and others who led the creation of the “Your Hendrix Odyssey: Engaging In Active Learning Academic Program” for Hendrix. They kept us true to our values in the liberal arts and sciences, provided diplomacy, envisioned the details, and moved the process along through sometimes rough seas. The result was a vote by the faculty to make the program universal, required, and defining of the Hendrix Experience. We also created Odyssey Distinction Awards, Odyssey Professorships, the Odyssey Grants Office, repositioned our price and expanded our market share and national visibility. Their work increased enrollment by 43%, faculty by 35%, and net revenue by 52%. 80 of the 104 faculty listed as teaching faculty at Hendrix were hired between 2001-2013. The Wise Ones are a big group, but Provost Entzminger, Prof. Tom Goodwin, Prof. Peg Falls-Corbitt, Prof. Nancy Fleming, Prof. Mark Schantz, Prof. Carole Herrick, Prof. Jennifer Peszka, Prof. Jane Harris, Prof. Jay McDaniel, Prof. Jay Barth, Janina Heird and many others deserve special recognition

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