Abraham Lincoln On Keeping One’s Mouth Shut – The Current Presidential Race

The summer presidential election serge is over and some of the GOP candidates have made great headway particularly since the debate on September 16, 2015. In the September 28, 2015 NBC/Wall Street Journal latest polls there is a great deal to reflect upon. That poll predicts that in the general election Donald Trump would lose to Hilary Clinton by 10 points, lose to Biden by 21 points, and lose to Sanders by 16 points. The Quinnipiac Poll shows in a general election Hilary Clinton beating Trump by 2 points, Biden beating Trump by 11 points, and Sanders beating Trump by 5 points. Now with margins of error considered and this being very early days in the election still we need to be somewhat circumspect about these numbers.

But the main question still remains, “Is Donald Trump electable in a general election?” Sure he has rallied the base particularly the Tea Party types, but that base will not determine the outcome of the general election. Let’s look at the same data and see what the NBC/WSJ poll would predict if other Republican candidates faced Hilary Clinton in the general election. The poll shows Clinton over Bush by 1 point. It, however, shows both Fiorina and Carson over Clinton by 1 point. The same poll shows Trump winning the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination by only 1 point. It shows Trump polling at 21%, Carson at 20%, with Fiorina Rubio, and Bush coming on strong. This race is far from over! I believe that no one out there should become overly excited about Donald Trump. Except of course the Clintons. With their brilliant political wisdom, sense of timing, media strategy, and whatever they may have in their hip pocket about Trump from opposition research, the Clintons surely want a Trump nomination.

I should also give a shout out to Marco Rubio who is coming on strong. Don’t pay attention to the issue of missed votes in the Senate. That issue will not amount to a hill of beans in the end.

I have heard a lot of people ask why is Hilary Clinton not addressing Benghazi, or the private server e-mail issue, or a number of other matters. My answer is why should she even speak about any of these issues until she absolutely has to. She has given on my count only one single interview with a major news outlet. Smart for her! She has been working her base and the media outlets that she knows are pro-Clinton. Sometimes silence is the best approach and she knows that this is true. The Clinton’s are politically seasoned and bright no matter what you think of their politics. I predict that they are just biding their time and hoping the Republican process will product a ticket with Trump at the front. The Clintons have learned lessons about keeping silent the hard way. They know the truth that Abraham Lincoln learned about politics long ago when he said, after someone asked why he did not speak up during a verbal political attach, “I would rather keep my mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Sometimes leadership requires silence. Hilary Clinton has learned this truth and Donald Trump has not even thought about it.

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